Free Pre-Investment Sales Pipeline Review

When pitching for investment, particularly whilst pre-revenue, you naturally want to show your sales pipeline in the best possible light.

When your presentation succeeds in generating investor interest however, you will be called to account to justify those claims and show evidence to support them.

Not every founder is an experienced Sales Manager (many come from a technical background) and may not have experienced the rigours of a pipeline review, studied the science behind opportunity weighting and become familiar with discipline of revenue forecasting.

Free Stuff For Startups is delighted to have teamed up with The Sales Academy make a unique offer to UK B2B Start-ups that are preparing to pitch for seed funding.

The Sales Academy prepares you to answer the tough questions with confidence and evidence

Offer Terms

UK Registered
Business to Business
Seeking Seed Investment

In order to qualify for a free, remotely delivered, pipeline review consultation your company should ideally be selling directly to business users in the UK, have interest from between 5 and 10 prospective customers and be actively seeking (or preparing to seek) your first round of investment.
Be Prepared

It takes enormous effort to get in front of an investor, the last thing you want to do is to damage your credibility by over stating your pipeline - neither do you want to underplay genuine potential - Show investors that you are confidently in control of your business.

Know What To Expect

The Sales Academy will help you qualify the validity of, and buy you time to improve the effectiveness of, the evidential documentation that investors will ask to see to justify your future revenue confidence.

A deal's not 100% till the contract is signed

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