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Growth Funding

Once you have leveraged our FREE STUFF to establish your revenue streams, turbo charge your growth with risk free, equity free GROWTH FUNDING !
Check Your Eligibility
Revenue Based Financing


Much as we'd love to give away free money to fund your start up, even we are not that generous :-(
We can, however, introduce you to the next best thing : - Risk Free Funding !
No equity required
No personal guarantees
Repayments in line with your actual revenue
Fixed cost of borrowing, however long it takes to pay back.

Here's how we recommend you play it.

Our venture capital partners will only make this offer to businesses with a proven, established recurring revenue stream greater than £10K/month that has been trading for more than 6 months.

Rather than spending valuable time pitching to equity investors with fantastic concepts and fantasy revenue projections, simply grab all the free stuff you need to validate your business model, focus your team on selling and rest assured that once you hit the agreed business performance thresholds, the rest of your growth can be funded from that point on, stage by stage, up to £5 Million.

Naturally, terms and conditions apply, so drop us a line today with a high level outline of your business model Even if you are still pre-revenue we can confirm that your business type is eligible and we will indicate a specific goal for you to achieve with a combination of blood, sweat and free stuff in order to reassure you that, beyond that point, your growth can be generously funded without personal liability or share sacrifice.
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