Starting a business can be expensive, but certain tools and services are essential in order establish your company to prove your product and business model in order to attract the investment you will need for your ongoing growth journey.

But here's a trick that many entrepreneurs miss.

Investment comes in many forms, not just hard cash for a slice of equity.

Most of the tools and services you need to launch your business can be accessed without charge whilst you are pre-revenue ( or even pre-profit ) from vendors that wish to secure your future business as you grow.

Very few founders have the time to identify and negotiate such deals with the product and service providers that their specific businesses need.

Free Stuff For Startups provides visionary vendors and scaleable startups with a powerful market place through which to identify each other and a framework through which to qualify and negotiate a win/win relationship between the parties.

Our Free Stuff offers can be broadly split into three types:

Free Forever Features

Free Forever Features largely consists of SaaS Business Tools and Online Data/Information resources, that deliver permanent, ongoing business value. We include products that might be limited by features or daily/weekly/monthly usage restrictions but specifically exclude time bound free trials.

Free Pre Revenue

Free Pre Revenue is a unique FSFS contract type that provides free access to otherwise chargeable products and services throughout the period prior to your company making your first sale. This is usually determined by the figure in Box 1 of your VAT Return.

Free Pre Profit

Free Pre Profit is an enhancement of the FPR contract that extends the fee service to the end of the first financial quarter where gross revenues exceed gross expenses. This is usually determined by the figure in Box 5 of your VAT Return

Our Business Model

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How we do it

As fellow entrepreneurs, I'm sure you are interested in how our business model works, what are we selling and how do we monetise ? Our primary product is potential incumbent supplier status for our vendors/service providers with your new business. We monetise by pooling the cost of identifying, qualifying and communicating with baby businesses such as yours as soon as they are born. Yes! Vendors are prepared to pay for the privilege of giving you their " stuff" for free!
Why ? The most difficult and expensive sales for any vendors are displacing an exiting supplier. They have to demonstrate 10x advantage over the incumbent to compensate for the risk and disruption of changing provider and have to sell against long established professional relationships. Its hard and very expensive !
New companies, by definition, have no incumbent providers yet, so the reduced cost of sale can be passed on as free access to business value at the very time your cash-flow needs it most.
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