Become a FSFS Supplier and access up to 750,000* emerging companies per year

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2020 - A record Year for Startups

2019-2020 saw a 12.31% year on year increase in the registration of new companies with Companies House. This is the highest percentage growth since 2011 and the highest actual growth on record.

Target by County

Focus your offers by location, ensuring that locally delivered services are only offered to local businesses.

Target by Business Type

FSFS Filter out all companies that are not growth driven and each supplier is at liberty to decline applications from any business that does not meet their own selection criteria.

Why Startups ?

Every company you are trying to sell to was once a startup and many of the products, services and relationships that your sales teams are competing with, especially for fundamental business requirements, were established in the earliest days of that enterprise. Established incumbency is the most powerful position on the field, and the more " business critical" a product or service is, the harder it is to displace the company that got there first.

Why Free ?

Well apart from the obvious marketing gold of the term " Free", Seed stage companies have to be particularly careful with both their expenditure and the time it takes to evaluate and select suitable suppliers to work with. Being both cash strapped and time poor, the ease and cost of evaluation is critical.

Free introductory services demonstrates confidence in the quality of your services and your willingness to work in partnership with your clients. In today's crowded services market getting the opportunity to build trust and earn loyalty is the key to growing your own professional practice on firm foundations.

What are the risks ?

Not every startup survives and many don't thrive, so targeting startups carries risk. All our suppliers need to carefully consider the cost of their generosity vs the lifespan and lifetime value of the return. These are medium-long term spread bets that are equivalent to Angel investment, much more in the realms of Marketing strategies than Sales tactics. We do our best to filter out the obviously "lifestyle" or growth restricted business models, however we do not promise every seed you plant will bear fruit. You just have to balance this against the sales cost of winning that business away from your competitors that did establish a relationship early on with the scaleups and unicorns of the future.

When can you start charging.

The ideal time to start charging is, naturally, when they can reasonably be expected to afford to pay. We have three standard models, but can work with you to adapt each of them in ways that make sense with your business model.
  • Freemium - A very standard model, particularly in SaaS, where a functionally useful subset of the deliverables are provided free with optional features ( usually those that deliver time/ cost efficiencies for growing teams and more complex processes) as chargeable add ons.
  • Pre-Revenue Contracts - Unique to FSFS, products, equipment or services are billed but fully discounted to Zero throughout the period up to the end of the financial quarter in which the client made their first product sale. This is measured and monitored by VAT return declarations. Specific terms will be unique to each supplier.
  • Pre-Profit Contracts - exactly the same as Pre-Revenue Contracts except that the trigger event is when VAT collected exceeds VAT reclaimed. Copies of VAT returns ( or equivalent accounts information for non VAT registered companies) form a key obligation of these contracts.
  • Bespoke Agreements - Negotiate directly with founders on a case by case basis to find the Win/Win deal that suits the unique nature of each Startup.

How Is The Service Promoted ?

The only reliable and consistent way to ensure that every qualifying newly registered company is invited to consider your proposal within a month of forming their new business is post. Yes, we write to them ! We don't wait for them to set up a web site and get a company email, by that time far too many structural decisions have already been made. The only mandatory information contact information for a Companies House registration is the director's names and registered address.
That is not to say that we ignore the power of digital marketing, from the point they register on our site we start to get to know them and tailor our digital promotions to the nature and stage of their growth journey, but it all starts with a personal postal invitation - one of the first they receive ( apart from CH/ HMRC) in the heady excitement of launching their new business.

OK I'm interested,what are the next steps ?

We are aiming to launch the service in pilot in mid 2021. At this point we are simply looking for expressions of interest from suppliers that have, or are prepared to create, an appropriate free offer for our target audience. If you want to help shape this exciting new service and have the option of being part of the Pilot programme, please complete the form below and we will be in touch, in person. Alternatively email us with the subject line FSFS Supplier to
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©2021 Free Stuff For Startups is a wholly owned brand of Pay Per Pulse Ltd registered in England and Wales Company Number 08485114

Registered Office :Pay Per Pulse Ltd,14 St Marks Crescent,Maidenhead ,Berkshire,SL6 5DB,UK.

* The total number of newly registered companies of all types in 2020 was 770,457 whilst every one of them is eligible to register with FSFS our pro-active marketing campaigns only target the subset of these that we determine to have significant growth potential.
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