Free tools and techniques to analyse your

Competitive Landscape

Before you launch your business

Sanity check your market before you enter it

Whatever business you are planning, you will have competitors !

A competitor is any option your customers have that solves the same problem as you do.

If you think you don't have any competition you either deluding yourself or the problem you solve is not painful enough that people will pay to cure it.

Are your competitors thriving or struggling ?

What is the total addressable market size ?

Are your revenue projections realistic ?

What is the marketing investment needed to be heard above your rivals ?

Who do your competitors target ? With what messages ?

It might be a great idea, but is it a viable business proposition ?

These free tools and techniques can help you validate your market potential before you pour your heart, soul and life savings into a new venture.


Google like a potential customer

Use search terms based on resolving the problem you are addressing, not how you are solving it. Use as wide a variety of search terms as possible.

List your competitors in a spreadsheet or CRM

Key word Search Linkedin UK
Use our UK centric free-text Linkedin search tool to enhance your list, gauge head-counts and identify key industry people to watch and follow. Look out for ex-employees looking for work to talk to and collaborate with.

Free Competitor Insights
Check Competitors Filings

Sites like Endole collate and present Companies House data so you can see the maturity of your market and how well the competition is performing financially

Free Competitor Marketing Stats
Check Competitors Web Stats

Sites such as Neil Patel's Ubersuggest let you see the web traffic and key word search terms of any company. The PPC Google Ads rates will give a good indication of the marketing effort required to become visible to your target audience. ( 3 free reports/day )

Create a competitive insights spreadsheet

Your competitors are the best mentors you will ever have as to how to run your business, after all they have been there, done that and survived to wear the tee shirt.

They are are also the best place to evaluate the cost of entering and competing in that market and the potential rewards for succeeding in it.

The first thing an external investor will look at is how profitable other businesses like yours are in order to check if your revenue projections are realistic.
The next thing they'll want to know is how you intend to disrupt that market - they will expect you to know your competitors strengths and weaknesses in great detail.

Even if you are not knocking on the doors of angels for money, you will be investing your own time and money in this venture and you owe it to yourself to be as diligent as the professional investors before you set sail on such a dangerous journey.
URL Founded
1997 £1.23M
DEF Plc 1976 £5.68M
GHI Ltd 2019 £25K

The other significant insight your competitors will give you concerns your marketing strategy. Make a note on your spreadsheet of the themes and approaches they are using to engage with an audience and monitor ( using ubersuggest) which ones are working for them. Marketing will be one of your largest investments, the more you can learn from your peers, the fewer expensive mistakes you will make.

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” Sun Tzu


Be prepared to walk away from an idea that is either too weak to sustain a business or a market that is too expensive to compete effectively in.

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